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me by duncanjewett me :iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 0 deviantID by duncanjewett deviantID :iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 0 Kitty Talk Back by duncanjewett Kitty Talk Back :iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 1 Kitty by duncanjewett Kitty :iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 2
Underwater Reverb
With this starfish as my witness
The ocean's night is on the run
Name your prayers with lasting lips
they crawl without a tongue
Scales swim fast through mecca tape
tone splash spins left to right
Golden gates have locked a noose
swung set from baseboard's night
:iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 1
And I don't need you to tell me who you are
I've seen you sliding between blood cells and wet stars
The way the dark falls through your face
I've seen it once before
I never thought we'd free this place
beside me as my whore
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Loose Lips
It's cold in this body that I'm living in.
But I just can't resist the taste of your skin
I want to get out, but I just don't know how
and even if I knew I'd just crawl back in your mouth
The only thing I know is the smell of your flesh
It's the meat on your body that I wish to undress
and I'm not one to tear, but I will if I must
Your loose lips do tingle from someone else's trust
:iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 0
Blue Key Boxes
Plays are grounded in merry's spacesuit noir. The heirs are founded by the itsy bitsy stars. One more felt pattern back from where it was lain before. Through the ocean's salt disc press to silk screened math of floors.
Feathered Serpent crop circle symmetry lies unbound. Far from near sight seminals lay scattered up from down. Leaving jittered swing dance monolithic sways a crown. Blue Key boxes, propped and topless future tense is now.
:iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 0
Sea Salt
born beneath the carriage of a whale's high noon draw, a child crept feverishly through paper trees. gnarled branch roots rusted his sacks of threadless beanstalks and fish hooks. twice boiled rushes made appearances in his latest throat. campaigning for stardust he drew only the most key deficient plows that mingled with stripes and carols. pale darkened trout hung high to breath broken.
playing with sea salt, the dream began to thirst for moonlight.</b>
"sing something of yeast, rising deep from bowels lain with card folk and chalk."
:iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 0
Stumbling through, I've seen the way the dawn rises from your skin
Lain upon the stones and earth, she sinks below my feet
The city and the wilderness both feed themselves for us,
we ask them for our bodies, but they seem too know out trusts
And the sun turns it's back to us and searches for the moon,
no longer can we bring her here, too landlocked water's dune
The ocean isn't far from here, our legs must shuffle through
Before the dead can speak with us our love must sing for two
The cardboard boxes find a place below the fallout skies
the rumble of our monuments have spoken their replies
A wizard and two concubines walk restless through these woods
A valley of temptations leads unto a feathered hood
Long after everyone is gone, she sings softly to herself
A child's mouth, the woman's breast both sigh of sleeping spells
He speaks of things she's never seen, though water is too far
For them to share within the place he's felt her through the stars
Their child is of bone and blood no on
:iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 0
Deep below the surface
They paint themselves for us
We tell them there's no purpose
no trail left in the dust
They dig and dig and just won't stop
as long as we are here
We speak with them and let them know
to bring in our new year
Deep below the surface
They paint themselves for us
We tell them there's no purpose
no trail left in the dust
The tunnels float above the stars
with windmills as their wings
We search and search, but just can't find
the noose we tied with string
:iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 0
I'm a time traveling salesmen selling lucid locks of dreaded knots tying together past present and future. Future freeway, the way I see, it's free.  The illusion of time begets disharmonic synchronicity. Perpetually pedeling languid ideas around the same centered track, I see past what you lack. Surface facade showing winged stallions siphoning harmonic fuel from  mechanical canticles. Animal majesty, tethers unbound seeking sky from ground, lost from found, and up from down. A mere reflection in a puddle of latency, ready to ripple through rugged and rough, volapuk hush. I've found time only to lose what I thought I'd find. Peace of mind, mended thought, 30-day-trial bot.Meeting people is easy, I just can't find any. An intravenous journey through a stream of calligraphic ink.
I've spent too much time buying into a false pretense of the afterfuture.
:iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 2 0
Paper Trails
This place can't be far
From what I've heard I'm near
She says there's nothing wrong
There is nothing to fear
I put the sun at my back as I search for the moon
I've traveled for so long
I don't recall your face
When I get there I shall sing
Of this new place
This is where I know I've seen
At the end of all my dreams
I've lost my way, save me now
Walk with us, I'll show you how
I put the sun at my back as I search for the moon
:iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 0
Destination Dinosaur
Nobody ever told me I need money in these halls
Without ever standing up, I won't know how to fall
I take nothing back, I live climbing up the walls
Until I find my way out, their death I cry my call
Once when I was little I left asking for the sun
they told me of another place, one where songs were sung
Now we've come to far to sing, and things have just begun
I hope the method finds me here, this daydream now is done
The city and the wilderness both feed themselves for us
We ask them for our bodies but they seem to know our trusts
The sun has turned it's back to us and searches for the moon
No longer can we bring her here to land-locked water's Dune
The magics running out we need to find a way to breathe
considering our currency, these paper trails are trees
Nobody needs to call on us for chances we've just reached
The drugs are kicking in again, I don't have time to speak
Drums break hard, we find the stars
We don't see why we have to part
For every little barbaroy I seem to see a w
:iconduncanjewett:duncanjewett 0 0


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duncan jewett
United States
Current Residence: 2012
Favourite cartoon character: Brendan Small
Hey everyone! If you're looking at my site here on deviantART you should go listen to my music here: . I wish there were a better medium for music than myspace but whatever.

I like the things that I've divulged in my interests area. If you like those things I'll probably like you too.

Listen to my musics!

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  • Listening to: Shels, Red Sparowes, and Jaga Jazzist
  • Reading: Haruki Murakami
  • Watching: David Lynch
  • Playing: Music/Smash Bros Melee
  • Eating: Thai
  • Drinking: Booze


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